We have pattern makers capable of producing quick turnaround – utilising bench skills to produce wood/resin patterns or CNC machining to produce patterns from STL files etc… and rapid prototyping methods.


A triton continuous mixer (3-tons/hour) utilizing the Alphaset process with a 3-header box. This provides the following options at the press of a button:

  1. 60AFS Standard Finish
  2. 80AFS Fine Sand where good surface finish is required.
  3. Fine Zircon Sand where a good surface finish and dimensional accuracy is required such as ‘cast-to-size’.


Cores are produced by hand in airset sand, by blowing in cold-box or by rapid prototyping methods, such as sinter cores.


A 400Kg capacity medium frequency electric inductio furnace – average output one-metric tonne per day.


  • Grey Iron: BS1452 Grades 180, 220 & 260 as standard – any specialised alloy grade is available on request
  • SG Iron: BS2789 Grades 420/12, 500/7, 600/3 as standard – any specialised alloy grades such as Ni-Resist available on request.
  • Chrome Irons: Grade 28% CR as standard – Any other specialist grades such as Ni-Hard available on request.

Size Range

Moulds up to 100Kg in Weight
Castings up to 50Kg in Weight
Products outside this range will require individual assessment.


From One off prototyping to low volume production runs, with a loose pattern to repeat batches with plated patterns are suitable in standard grades.

Non-standard grades will require individual consideration.